Chart Dividers

Poly chart dividers are heavy duty and constructed with durability in mind. They are durable enough to be used and reused day after day. These versatile poly sheets are pre hole punched to accommodate 2, 3 and 5 ring binders, either top or side open. Each tab is printed on one side and each set can be collated to your specifications.

Why use Chesterfield Custom Poly Chart Dividers?

  • They allow you to find important information quickly
  • Reduce stress on records acting as page lifters
  • Hot-foil stamped tabs create permanent identification
  • One piece construction adds durability
  • They are made with high gauge polyethylene which is quick and easy to clean

Available colors:

Gold, grey, manila, white, lime, green, teal, light blue, dark blue, lavender, peach, pink, mauve, red, yellow, orange, warm grey, frosty clear